Restaurant Discovery #5: Wondermama

Day 36: Wondermama @ Bangsar Village 1


There are plenty trendy eateries and bars in Bangsar now. It is always a joy to head there just for lunch or dinner. Most times, you won’t be disappointed. Today, I wanted to try something I would not normally go for- fusion food. I am not one to enjoy fusion food as I always think why mess with what is already good on its own and try to make it better because most times they fail.


I met up with a friend in Bangsar and we went to Wondermama for lunch. As I walked in, I was digging the shabby-chic decoration; the old school yet contemporary interior made the whole cafe look very trendy. A dessert bar just by the door displayed many choices of kuih that was on offer. We were seated right in front to the dessert bar.


Kuih Lapis and Kuih Seri Muka (RM1.50 each) 2 for 1 after 2pm Daily

The waitress came to our table and asked us if we wanted to try their kuih selection as it was on 2 for 1 offer after 2pm. One slice of kuih was RM1.50 which I think is reasonable for a fancy cafe. We opted for the kuih lapis and kuih seri muka. Both were decent. I was shock to see the bottom of the seri muka blue instead of white but it didn’t add any extra flavour to the kuih. The glutinous rice was overcooked and was very sticky and melts in your mouth. The green coconut milk pandan bit was nice. The kuih lapis was decent – wasn’t too sweet or anything and it had the right texture and colour.


Spicy Salmon Mini Naan Pizza (RM17.90)

To start, we ordered the Spicy Salmon Mini Naan Pizza (RM17.90). The salmon chunks that were scattered on the naan bread were beautifully marinated and seasoned. The fish flaked off perfectly as you sink your teeth in the pizza. I doubt the naan bread was cooked in a tandoor oven or even homemade but nonetheless it mimicked a pizza base well as it was crunchy and flaky. The cheese were coating all the bits and bobs of the pizza generously. Greens came in a form of rocket leaves and it added peppery taste to compliment the spiciness of the salmon and the cheesiness  and creaminess of the pizza drizzled with herb mayonnaise. Although the price is a bit high for something so small, it was a gorgeous dish that I will definitely come for again and again.


Nyonya Laksa (RM14.90)

For my main, I ordered the most talked about Nyonya Laksa (RM14.90). My picture above did not do the dish justice. It was vermicelli noodles with sliced cucumber and fried egg, fish cakes, prawn, cockles and tofu soaked in Laksa gravy. The laksa gravy was thick and full of flavours. It was nothing short of delicious. You can taste the authenticity of the dish with every bite. The cockles were fresh that it didn’t make the dish smells funny and it didn’t overpower the flavour of other ingredients. It lived up to the hyped and amazing reviews. Wondermama got the Nyonya Laksa on point! The portion was huge which made up for the above average price.


Special Seafood Maggi Mee Goreng (RM14.90)

My sister had the most expensive Maggi Goreng of her life today when she ordered the Special Seafood Maggi Mee Goreng for RM14.90. To justify the price, this dish did come with a huge amount of seafood almost as much as the noodles. However, due to the heavy amount of seafood, the flavour of the noodle dish that was made with Wondermama’s special homemade spicy sauce instead of the usual curry powder that came in a packet with the Maggi Mee was overpowered by the fishy smell and taste coming from the scallop. The dish was very greasy so do remember to toss it before you eat it. For the amount that they charge, this dish was a disappointment. My advice? Give it a miss when you are over at Wondermama.


Seafood Tomyam Fried Rice (RM17.90)

Just like the Maggi Goreng, this dry dish was served in a bowl which baffles me a little bit. Were they running out of clean plates? Anyhow, my friend ordered the Seafood Tomyam Fried Rice. The tomyam flavour was very mild, close to none. This dish had a lot of anchovies in it and that made the dish a tad salty. Chopped bird eye chillies were combined together with the rice to make it spicy. Don’t worry, this was not tongue burning spicy. My friend said that she enjoyed it even though it was slightly too salty.

I must admit, Wondermama had a few dishes that they successfully tweak to modernised it and made it better. I say, keep it mostly authentic and add just a tiny twist to make it interesting and you’ll have an amazing dish. If you try to change too much what is already loved by Malaysian, it might not be enjoyed by many like the Maggi Goreng. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal in Wondermama.

Ambiance: 8 out of 10
Food: 7 out of 10
Service: 7 out of 10
Price: $$


G6, Ground Floor, 
Bangsar Village 1 Shopping Centre,
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No : +603-2284 9821

Good luck!



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