Melur & Thyme @ Suria KLCC

Day 48: Melur & Thyme

Today my colleague and I went to Suria KLCC for lunch and we decided to go to Melur & Thyme. I have been here before a couple of times, but never at lunch time on a weekday. I was surprised the service was pretty slow. I had to wait 20 minutes for my food to arrive.


Regular Salmon Crockets (RM23.00)

My friend’s food came first and she ordered the Salmon Crockets (RM23.00) and she let me have a bite. As you can see it was pretty much a fancier version of fish cake/fingers. It was such a disappointment that it was a tiny portion for a regular sized tapas. I thought for the price and the size there would be a lot of salmon hidden in the fingers. Nope I was wrong. They used tiny bits of smoked salmon to emphasized the smell of the fish and also the taste. It was pretty much 90% potatoes and 10% salmon which I thought was a rip off. However, the garlic dipping sauce that it came with was amazing. If they made that sauce themselves, they deserve a round of applause.


Grilled Herb Chicken (RM29.00)

Once my friend was done with her meal, my food finally arrived. It annoyed me that our food didn’t come at around the same time so one had to stare at the other person eating. But I thoroughly enjoyed my Grilled Herb Chicken (RM29.00). The chicken breast was slightly dry but forgivable. The vegetables were steamed and seasoned well – they still had a bite to them. And the mashed potatoes were beautiful. They were the rustic but creamy kind where there are bits of the skin and its not too smooth that it melts in your mouth before you could enjoy it. Finally, the thyme sauce goes really well with the chicken and it was worth the wait.

Melur & Thyme
G03H-I Ground Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2181 8001

Good luck!




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