Cafe Discovery #9: Lapis @ Wangsa Maju

Day 99: Lapis @ Wangsa Maju

My family and I went to Lapis cafe today for dinner. Lapis means layers in Malay. I was told that the menu was rather limited and that it is a cafe not a restaurant. The decor is very “hipsteresque” which I like. Very modern and cute. Definitely an instagramable spot.


The menu only had 10 main dishes, a couple of sides and kids food and a few drinks. Very limited. They also do daily specials and today, it was “pulled” lamb sandwich (RM 18.00). Of course I ordered that as my main dish. Service was quick and it arrived rather fast. They buttered up a cut of french bread and had a few thinly sliced lettuce and a generous amount of shredded lamb meat in between the bread. It came with chips, garlic aioli and a runny chilli vinaigrette. The chips were decent. Really thick cut, soft on the inside chips. Garlic aioli I found really garlicky and the runny chilli vinaigrette was strange. It had a really strong vinegar smell and taste. I don’t know whether to have that with the lamb sandwich or the chips. It definitely didn’t go with the sandwich. Neither was it any better with the chips. The lamb sandwich was dry. There was nothing interesting about it. The lamb smells and it had no taste. It would’ve help if it had a barbecue sauce or caramelised onion or even pickles to help give it taste and not leave it so dry.


My sister ordered the Creamy Fusilli (RM16.00) which was basically fusilli in a bowl of mushroom soup.  It was literally just garlic, onion, cream, thyme and a few slices of button mushroom. It was well seasoned and the sauce was nice. The sauce was just too runny to be a pasta sauce. Runnier than a bowl of mushroom soup. Some parmesan cheese would’ve help to thicken the sauce and make it stick to the pasta.The fusilli was over cooked – you don’t have to chew it anymore, it just melts in your mouth. Since the sauce was too runny, the fusilli ended up tasteless and tasted separate from the sauce. It was a disappointment really.


Usually cafes like this, they concentrate on their coffee and desserts. Since I don’t drink coffee, I had to try their dessert. I ordered the carrot cake and it was a tiny portion. It definitely was an awesome slice of cake. The creme cheese frosting was smooth and not too salty. The frosting and cake ratio was perfect. The carrot cake was moist and it was not over powered by the spices. Walnut was in the cake too and it added texture. It was beautiful.


My sister ordered a banana flavoured whoopie pie (RM2.50). I’ve never tried a whoopie pie before. But I know it’s traditionally a tiny sponge cake with icing in between. Their whoopie pie was dense probably because of the banana flavour. I’m not too sure. It was nice and moist and not too sweet. I can taste a little bit of nuts in the cake, probably walnuts. It was decent but the carrot cake was definitely a winner.


The service was fast and waiters were all attentive to the customers. However, I was pretty concern when I saw all the waiters with long hair, men and women, not tying their hair serving customers with food. I don’t think thats proper. Thats just my opinion. Lapis is a nice cafe for when you want to grab a quick bite or to catch up with friends over coffee and cake. It is a really pretty cafe. I adore the decor.



Ambiance: 7 out of 10
Food: 5 out 10
Service: 6 out of 10
Price: $$

Cafe Lapis
No.3, Jalan Wangsa Delima 1A
Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03-4141 8297

Good luck!



Restaurant Discovery #8: Jiran @ Wangsa Maju

Day 96: Jiran Cafe @ Wangsa Maju

Jiran means neighbour. Very appropriately named as it is right in the middle of a housing area. As such you can just imagine the parking issue you will have when dining here. We have drove past this restaurant plenty of time but never thought of  giving it a go until today.

We had a family dinner to have a little celebration for Daddy’s birthday. Jiran Cafe is a budget friendly restaurant that serves western food and a few local cuisine. The decor is outdated but I really love the pizza making area at the front of the restaurant. The lighting is too dim and everything just looks really tacky and old.


I ordered the Chef’s Mix Grill which had a piece of chicken, a tiny piece of lamb chop and a huge piece of sausage with black pepper sauce poured all over it, a side of coleslaw, mash potatoes, corn on cob and a tiny portion of penne pasta with tomato sauce. That is a lot of different flavour and texture going on in one plate. Does it all go together? NO.  Firstly, What is the point of the pasta? There were literally just 4 pieces of penne with a table spoon of tomato sauce. The pasta was undercook and the tomato sauce was just basic tomato sauce. Coleslaw tasted exactly like the ones you get from KFC which I never particularly enjoy. Mash was decent with an original brown gravy on it and my dad loved my corn on cob. He took everyone’s corn on cob. The lamb was tiny which is understandable as lamb is expensive in Malaysia. It was well done of course being that thin and small. It was not tough and it was seasoned well. The sausage was definitely not grilled despite the dish being called mix grilled and it was cold! So obvious that they pre-cooked everything beforehand. The grilled chicken was delicious – well seasoned and THE ONLY THING ON THE PLATE THAT WAS HOT. The black pepper gravy was decent. Not too peppery like most places.


My sister had the fish and chips. She was torn between the seafood platter and the fish and chips. When asked what the seafood platter consist of, the waiter answered fish. Confused my sister then confirm if there was any other seafood in the seafood platter. The waiter said “No, just fish”. My biggest pet peeve is when my waiter does not have a clue about the menu and the food that they serve. Anyway, when the fish and chips came, I had a bite of course. The fish was dry. The batter was overcook that it was too crunchy. Our search for the best Fish and Chips in Malaysia shall continue on.


My parents shared between them the half roasted chicken. Their food was not warm! Although the chicken breast was still moist, it was also cold. They couldn’t even bother putting it back in the over for a couple of minutes to heat it up. Nonetheless, it goes well with the black pepper sauce. A decent roast dinner. Would have been much better if it was warm. It came with the same sides as my Mix Grilled. Yes, even with the 4 pieces of penne and tomato sauce.


Enough moaning, lets get to the good stuff and there was only one thing that we enjoyed the most tonight. The must try food at Jiran Cafe has to be their pizzas. They are homemade, delicious, thin crust pizzas. Although the flavour options are limited, they are worth a try. Will definitely come back just for the pizzas. The base was nice and crunchy, the tomato sauce was generously spread all over the pizza and the cheese were stringy and heavenly. Our beef pepperoni pizza was gone in a split second.

The service was fast. But I honestly would rather they take some time to heat up the food than to have my food so fast on the table but cold. Do something whole heartedly I say. They can be a bit more friendlier too, and pay more attention to the customers. Yes it was a busy night, but it doesn’t hurt to just smile and not sigh when customers ask about the menu. I was not expecting much from this restaurant as the food was really cheap. You get what you pay for. But I must say, I was blown away by the pizza.

Ambiance: 4 out of 10
Food: 4 out of 10
Service: 3 out of 10
Price: $

No 23 Jalan 3/27D
Seksyen 6 Wangsa Maju
54200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 013-369 9436

Good luck!